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These Celebration Style of Independence Day that makes you go ‘awe’ for West Papua!


Indonesia was not formed on itself. The nation was enslaved by foreign invaders for 350 years. “Liberty or death” was imprinted on the souls of the nation’s predecessors. The heroes then struggled to escape from the shackles of the colonials, sacrificing everything until we finally enjoyed freedom. Independence then leads us to our lives today. We have to respect the sacrifices of the heroes in liberating Indonesia.

Well, each region has their unique way of celebrating independence day to commemorate the services of the heroes. Some of these unique cultures usually become the traditions of the people of West Papua in celebrating Indonesia’s independence.

  1. Memorizing the Pancasila Competition

Not only in urban areas, inland areas such as the Arfak mountains also celebrates Indonesia’s independence day. The excitement of memorizing the Pancasila competition in one of the elementary schools in West Papua was one of many examples. Not only memorizing the Pancasila, the people of West Papua also usually conduct competitions that are usually held in other regions of Indonesia, such as putting pencils into bottles, sack race to tug of war.

  1. Gaba-gaba Dance Competition

The Gaba-Gaba competition is a dance competition where participants will jump to a space of wooden bars held on both ends and moved by several people. The dance competition is usually accompanied by a rhythm and participant musts make the right move or get their foot pinched  and cause the foot to be pinched

  1. Lalayon Competition

Lalayon dance originated from North Maluku and is usually played in pairs by men and women. Usually men will wear long-sleeved shirts and women wore Javanese blouses.

  1. Bacigi

The people of West Papua also usually held a Bacigi competition on independence day. Bacigi competition is a fishing competition without bait. Usually the bamboo being used is painted in red and white.

  1. Lewang Kelapa

Lewang Kelapa is a coconut-peeling competition. Uniquely enough, it is only permissible to be peeled with a sharp-edge wood.

Well, you can imagine how great the excitement of the August 17 celebration in West Papua!


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