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Meet West Papua’s Heroine of the Asian Games 2018, Since Lithasova Yom !


Of the total 79 medals that have been successfully collected by the Indonesian contingent at the 2018 Asian Games held in Jakarta-Palembang, one medal was successfully donated by four Papuan athletes.

They are Since Lithasova Yom, Alvonsina Monim, Stevani Maysche Ibo and Emiliana Deau who delivered silver medals with the women’s 200 meter dragon boat team. The Indonesian dragon boat team only lost to the Chinese contingents with a slight gap of 0.656 seconds.

Even so, for Since Lithasova Yom, the silver medal is the fourth time she got in the Asian Games. Three silver medals before, he scored in the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. “I dedicated this medal to my parents and Indonesia,” said Since, picked from CNN Indonesia, Wednesday (08/29/2018).

Since and her teammates managed to donate a silver medal in the women’s 200 meter dragon boat Asian Games 2018. They recorded a time of 56.817 seconds or just behind 0.656 seconds from China who won the gold medal. Although Since returning only won a silver medal at the Asian Games, she is still proud because she can still deliver medals to Indonesia and won with all she got. For 2018 Asian Games, Since trained very hard. She sighed deeply before expressing how hard she was preparing for the biggest sports tournament in Asia.

“For the 2018 Asian Games it was very hard  for me it was very hard. In 2010, we lost to China. We tried our best, but maybe God hasn’t blessed our efforts. But we are still grateful to whatever the results, that’s our best we can do. But we are not discouraged because we are indeed targeting silver at the 200 meters distance,” she said.

“Four exercises from six o’clock in the morning, 10 am, two in the afternoon, and in the afternoon, each day. Two hours each. I have only one day off on Monday,” said the 26-year athlete. “Why is the holiday not Sunday? Because if it’s on Monday, we could anywhere without getting stuck,” she added.

The athlete who claimed that she was ‘forced’ to start rowing because of  her family said that she still has a strong desire to be able to win the gold medal for Indonesia in the next Asian Games. “But over time, I grew love for it, and this sport change my life,” she said. “I still want to win a gold medal at the Asian Games. I target giving gold, from myself I want to give gold. So maybe there are still one or two more Asian Games to get a gold medal, ” she added optimistically.

Many times losing to China does not make her desperate. On the contrary, Since is increasingly eager to win a gold medal. ‘Do not be discouraged.’ That is the message that Since wants to convey in achieving the highest performance in sports.

If it is true that Since remains on the Indonesian dragon boat team, then she will compete in the next two Asian Games. Even so if dragon boating is competed in the Asian Games in the future. The Asian Games 2022 will be held again in China, but this time in the city of Hangzhou. While the 2026 Asian Games will be held in Nagoya, Japan.

“I have never been more passionate, just curious [to win a gold medal]. I’ve tried my best but I only achieved silver, maybe we did not train hard enough,” she said sadly. However, the Asian Games gold medal is not Since’s biggest dream. “My biggest dream is to make my parents happy,” she said.


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