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Police Arrested more than 30 people in Bintuni, why


Sept 8, 2018: Community course action on behalf of the Customary Procession and the Church (Prosesi Adat dan Gereja) bringing the attributes of Free Papua Organisation.

Bintuni Bay District Police arrested 36 sympathizers of the action to be questioned at the Bintuni Police Headquarter. They were sent home at night.

Bintuni Police Chief, AKBP Andriano Ananta explained that the dismissal was carried out by the authorities because of the mass carrying Morning star symbol.

This activity can threaten the stability of the country’s security by generating separatist groups in support of the Action to Fight for Free Papua.

Another reason is that according to the Bintuni Bay Police Chief, the action did not have a crowd/demonstration permit from the police.

There will be no permanent arrest for the previous activity and for you to return to your home safely
– Ir. Petrus Kasihiw
Regent of Teluk Bintuni

Any aspirations should be reported to the Indonesian Police so that the Police can issue a permit and can help to secure and monitor the said activity.

It is forbidden to bring attributes and symbols of separatist movement that are prohibited by the government in the name of conveying aspirations using customary and religion.

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