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Two Police Officers Wounded While Arbitrating Tribal War in Pegunungan Bintang, West Papua


There was a conflict between tribes in Pegunungan Bintang District, West Papua on Tuesday morning (October 2, 2019). The attempt to break the tribal war injured two police officers.

“Indeed there are frequent tribal wars in Papua. Tribal War is one of their mechanisms in solving problems. But of course in this modern era, solving problems by violence should be avoided,” Indonesian National Police Chief General Tito Karnavian said.

Members of the local police have attempted to mitigate the conflict, but two members were injured. “The police were trying to reconcile [the tribes] but, I heard, several police officers were injured,” Karnavian said. “There are two who were wounded,” he added.

According to Karnavian, the cause of inter-tribal warfare in Papua is usually land disputes and women. “The cause of tribal warfare can be in the form of land disputes, women, and others. If their penalties or solutions cannot solve the problem, there will be a tribal war,” explained Karnavian who had served as Papua Regional Police Chief.

It is difficult for the Papua Regional Government to unite these tribes because each of them has a solid bond with their respective tribe. The lack of inter-tribes communication caused independence propaganda to slip easily. This weakness of the Papuans is then used as a weapon by the separatist movement to create chaos in Indonesian sovereignty.

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