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The Nationalist Alberto Wanimbo is now Leading West Papua’s Youth


Alberto G Wanimbo is now confirmed as the new elected representative of West Papua’s youth in the Indonesian National Youth Committee (KNPI). After outdoing seven other candidates, Alberto now represents the Indonesian youth in the province while promoting the idea of entrepreneurship and pluralism.

“Because our slogan is ‘Papuan youth unite’,” said Alberto, “I am a Gusdurian. Gus Dur never looked at what your religion is. As long as you do good deeds, no one differentiate people by religion.”

Due to several reasons, the election was postponed for two days, before finally got finished by October 12th, 2018. Alberto is a native Papuan-born young man, supported by 9 youth civil organizations during his campaign as a candidate. The campaign includes candidate debates, besides promotional campaign. In the process, Alberto beat Albertus Adii, George Kaiba, Nason Uti, Ponto Yelipele, Thomas Sondegau, Yulianus Dwaa, and Zakeus Degey, each supported by 8 civil organizations and less. He championed programmes with highlights in increasing transparency and togetherness between diverse ethnicities. His term will last effectively for three years, until 2021.

Alberto wants to achieve a more transparent and accountable youth committee, especially in finance and budgeting. He is also targeting to create an event where he invites five religious groups to gather and pray together for the good of the nation. He thoroughly published the details of his programme, which includes short-term goals to be achieved in 100 days.

“We want to make KNPI a better organization. We will request every district government to provide a secretariat for KNPI, so then the youth can gather and create things from there”, he said.

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