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Turns Out West Papuan Millennials are Investing in Capital Market


Millennials dominated capital market investors in West Papua. The Head of the Representative Office of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) of West Papua, Adevi Sabath stated this fact.

Sabath stated that West Papua’s millennials interest in stock investing had been seen since 2016. Of the 1,000 more investors in West Papua, there are 60% millennials. Students and young professionals are enthusiastic about exploring stock investments through the regional securities office.

“Our investors’ average age are 17 to 35 years old. This age range is [commonly] millennials and productive period,” Sabath said.

IDX together with Indopremier often holds educational activities. This activity can be a provision for novice investors and can also attract millennials interest in investing.

Not long ago, the IDX held a stock lab and photography competition for students of the University of Papua. IDX also presented book writers and capital market practitioners, Ryan Filbert, to Manokwari.

The total participants involved reached more than 500 people; consisted of novice investors and potential investors.

“We hope friends who do not have a stock account can immediately make it; as well as for the general public. For those interested in making a stock account, you can visit our office directly at Jalan Trikora, Wosi, Manokwari,” Sabath said.

IDX and securities offices will not allow novice investors to study alone. Indopremier holds regular stock schools; twice a month.

IDX is also ready to present other practitioners to motivate and share knowledge about the capital market. “Depends on demand. If many ask Ryan Filbert again, we will bring him in again. We are ready to provide facilities,” concluded Sabath.

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