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Sign Language used at Sumpah Pemuda Ceremony in West Papua


The Jayapura Community Forum (Forum Komunitas Jayapura or FKJ), which consists of various communities in Jayapura City and its surroundings, held a Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Oath) ceremony using Indonesian sign language (Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia or Bisindo).

The coordinator of the ceremony, Abdel Gamel Naser, said that the activity will be carried out at Pantai Pasir 6, Jayapura on October 28, 2018. “We initiate this activity (ceremony). [FKJ] is a combination of various communities from various fields that have one vision; namely contributing positively to the progress of the region,” he explained.

This ceremony, according to Naser, can channel creativity, collaboration, and good communication with others and institutions. “This activity is unusual because it is done in nature; namely in the Pasir 6 Beach area, Jayapura. This place is indeed [deliberately] chosen because it is open and integrated with nature,” Naser said.

This event is also unique for its use of Indonesian Sign Language in the Youth Oath is the first time done in Papua. “We are also supported by the Jayapura Deaf Community (Komunitas Tuli Jayapura or KTJ). This community has just been formed and has joined FKJ,” he continued.

“Our preparations are very short with minimum funds. We hope that this activity will become a new history in Jayapura City,” Naser added. The father of one daughter advised young people in Jayapura and Papua to continue to do their best for themselves and the country. Youth must try to do positive and significant actions without waiting for the help of others.

Naser described the reason behind this ceremony is to help people with different abilities or limitation prove their worth. Kitorang ada, kitorang bisa, kitorang tra kosong. We exist, we can, we are not empty.

Naser hopes that the wider community can understand and know about Indonesian Sign Language so that colleagues who have limitations can communicate with everyone and can get the same rights as others. “We also want to socialize Indonesian Sign Language’s Youth Oath, so that those who have limitations do not feel alone and are appreciated,” he said.

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