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Are You Support Free West Papua Campaign? Do You Know Who’s the Man Behind it?


Currently the media is being shocked by the KNPB congress, The KNPB claimed that the police had attacked the KNPB congress. Actually who’s the main mover behind it. Victor Yeimo, born in 1983, is a pro-independence activist in West Papua who currently serves as chairman of the West Papua National Committee. KNPB was formed in 2008 as the organization who organizing a mass demonstrations around West Papua to demand a referendum on the political status of West Papua. KNPB also supports the initiative of the International Parliamentarians and International Lawyers West Papua. Because of his activeness, his thoughts, and his courage to speak publicly, Victor Yeimo was given the opportunity to become an international spoker person for the KNPB

Equating the Pancasila with the Socialists?

He always thought that the people of Papua must be able to evolve so they would not become victims of colonialism and capitalism, especially from the Indonesian Government. Himself in some of the articles he made or in a speech saying that the people of Papua have often become oppressed people. Victor talked about how Indonesia had oppressed the people of West Papua. According to him, the West Papuan which is classified as a proletarian needs a revolution, because of poverty and no skill makes them have to give up to the only way: they have to work under the government.

Victor once argued that the process of revolution occurred during the Indonesian struggle against Netherland colonialism, he said that Indonesian nationalist figures such as Soekarno, Tan Malaka, and others). Let’s think for a moment, what became the principle of Soekarno in forming the Indonesian state was not socialism.

From the beginning, Sukarno had made Pancasila as an ideology. Soekarno did not need Marx’s theory to form the character of the revolutionary resistance as Victor intended it. Because in terms of its own definition, there are quite clear differences between socialism and Pancasila. Socialism is an ideology that has a range of economic and social systems characterised by social proprietorship and democratic control of the means of production as well as the political beliefs, theories, and movements that aim at their formation.

Unlike the Pancasila is composed of five principles and contends that they are inseparable and interrelated. In accordance with the conditions in Indonesia and Papua that are difference in ethnicity and group interests have been used been to break the unity of Republic of Indonesia and obstruct the tremendous effort of governing the 17,504 islands, 1,340 tribes, and 742 languages, actually Pancasila is the right ideology not socialism.

Victor Yeimo’s Freedom of Speech

Victor often speaks without seeing the actual facts like for example when he said that the rights of Papuans were taken while actually the KNPB and Victor Yeimo were still an organization that loudly spoke in the name of human rights and does Victor Yeimo often appear and tell stories to the media a lot? Also Victor often carries the name of Papuans in KPNB. During 2017-2018 there were around 532 news about KNPB which simply illustrated that the KNPB was an organization that was active enough to be reported, known both nationally and internationally.

Economic Development as a solution

Victor realizes that what is needed most by the people of Papua is freedom from marginalization, poverty, health and education problems. The Indonesian government has provided infrastructure improvements as the first step in the expected revolution for Papua. The government has been very careful to pay attention to Papua. Through special autonomy that always increases significantly every year, the government ensures that asphalt road access, health access, access to education can be accessed easily, cheaply and quickly. Victor fought for independence for the people of Papua. Does not independence mean prosperous, healthy, and sufficient to meet daily needs. Victor in 2017 also acknowledged the performance of the Indonesian government in improving Papua’s infrastructure was fairly fast and even.

“With such great development, I hope that OAP must support the Government in developing Papua and do not have more resistance to the government,” Victor Yeimo said. to akuntansi .co.id in 2017

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