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KNPB of West Papua National Civil Strike: Helpful or Harmful?


A statement from KNPB (Komite Nasional Papua Barat or National Committee of West Papua) triggered a furor in Papuan social media today. The committee announced that it would carry out a national civil strike. The video containing this statement has been distributed to various forums with spirit.

The KNPB video called for:

  • General mobilization towards National Civil Strike as the Papuan National Action Agenda.
  • KNPB asserted to the people of West Papua and all components of the struggle to re-recognize TPNPB (Tentara Pembebasan Nasional-Papua Barat or West Papua National Liberation Army) as the only West Papua Military.
  • Re-strengthening the Papuan National Political Institution as a representative body of Papua and a participatory democracy tool of the Papuan people.
  • Supporting the unity of diplomats in the ULMWP coordinative forum in the international stage.
  • The Second Congress of the KNPB democratically elected and appointed the new management of the Central KNPB with the composition: General Chairman AGUS KOSSAY, First Chairperson WARPO WETIPO, General Secretary FERONIKA HUBI, First Secretary MECKY YEIMO, National Spokesperson ONES SUHUNIAP, International Spokesman VICTOR F. YEIMO, Treasurer PATRICK LOGO and equipped with commissariats and field based on the needs of the struggle.

The Second Congress of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) chose the new management of the Central KNPB to achieve the ideals of  Free West Papua which was politically independent through a Referendum as a peaceful and democratic solution.

This strife left an irony. Of the many ways to voice the struggle, precisely the KNPB chose to carry out a national strike. Expressing opinions done through dialogue, open meetings, and diplomacy is even more effective because it gets feedback and a democratic, peaceful solution. National strikes have a negative economic impact on Papuans because public activities, especially economic activities, are hampered due to the strikes.

The KNPB seemed to impose the doctrine of independence on Papuans who had lived usually. At present, the majority of Papuans have enjoyed decent living just like the Indonesian in other provinces. The Healthy Papuan Card Program has reached 3.9 million Papuans so that they can get access to appropriate health services. In 2016-2018 the Self-Help Housing Stimulant Assistance Program (BSPS) reached as many as 1,410 households.

“My struggle against invaders is easier, not like yours. Your struggle will be harder because it is against the nation itself.” – Bung Hatta

Our current struggle is much tougher, because we have to fight our own nation. KNPB is a reflection of Bung Hatta’s anxiety towards future generations.

Before doing a lot of useless actions, try to think about what the KNPB has given the Papuans? Since 1961, the KNPB has been operating in Papua. However, the KNPB programs do not appear to contribute significantly to Papuan people. The performance of the Regional People’s Welfare Programs of the KNPB considered fruitless, even though the KNPB should have fought for the fate of the Papuan people.

Indeed, the only contribution of the KNPB so far has been to invite disagreements and controversy in the Papuan community. The KNPB, which claims to be on behalf of the Papuan society, should commit to a more advanced Papua. It is appropriate for the KNPB to build Papua to be equal to other provinces in Indonesia. If they don’t give a contribution and even disturb the community, maybe we need to ask the new management of KNPB: AGUS KOSSAY, WETIPO WARPO, FERONIKA HUBI, MECKY YEIMO, ONES SUHUNIAP, VICTOR F YEIMO, and PATRICK LOGO. Does separating West Papua from Indonesia the only way to make Papua prosper? Can West Papua independence guarantee the improvement of the economy, education, and health of Papuans? Who would be responsible if it was just an empty promise so that the separatist group could gain power in Papua?

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