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Free West Papua Member Returned to Indonesia; Why?


A member of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) decided to rejoin Indonesia. He realized his intention by handing over a semi-automatic weapon to the 756 Infantry Rayon Command/Wimane Sili.

The 756 Infantry Rayon/Wimane Sili Commander, Infantry Major Budi Situmeang, said that the former rebel had the initials SN. SN finally returned to support Indonesia after seeing many positive changes made by the government to Papua.

“I got one organic weapon of mouser type and five bullets in Yapsi District, Jayapura Regency on October 26, 2018. SN expressed his sympathy to the government for the development that took place in Yapsi, Jayapura,” Mayor Situmeang explained. The weapons delivered have a higher level of accuracy than the current standard Indonesian Armed Force assault rifles.

The Indonesian military received information that some OPM members had taken each other out of the forest and rejoined Indonesia. “Now they have invited each other down [from the mountain/forest], to stop their activities that disturb the community. Later they can normally live to find food and work, “said Situmeang.

Battalion 756/Wimane Sili has seven companies scattered in Arso, Senggi, Lerah, and Wimane Sili.

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