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The Blood on Free West Papua Leaders’ Hands


Fifteen years ago, Purom Okiman Wenda was only a small criminal in west papua. He operates in Puncak Jaya Regency, West Papua. His criminal activities troubled residents, Wenda then included in the police chase list.

To avoid police pursuit, Wenda ran to the forest in Tingginambut District. He later joined the armed criminal separatist group led by Goliath Tabuni. Wenda’s intellectual level made it easier for Tabuni to indoctrinate ideas of separatism and racism into him. Along with the decline in the Tabuni group’s actions due to police hunt, Wenda tried to show his existence.

Purom Wenda withdrew from the Tabuni group and formed a new group. This group has young, brutal, emotional and low-educated members. Its power base was formed in the forest located in Lanny Jaya Regency.

The following is the record of the atrocities done by the armed criminal separatist group led by Purom Wenda:


Purom Wenda’s group became known after the group attacked the Pirime Sector Police Headquarters on November 27, 2018. The criminal group viciously killed three members of Pirime Police, seizing three firearms: 2 long-barreled guns and a revolver.

A few days later, Purom’s group opened fire on an assembly of Regional Police who were reviewing the crime scene in Pirime. The attack based on Purom’s arrogance and ignorance caused one of the members of the Purom group, Wandis Wanimbo, to be shot dead by police. Wanimbo’s death was Purom’s responsibility.

A month later, in December 2012, Purom shot a civilian, Ferdi Turuwalo. Turuwalo is a construction worker from Toraja who works in Dugom Village, Tiom District. Turuwalo’s body was found with a gunshot wound to the head. Sadistic.


In the afternoon on May 30, 2014, Purom and his group shot a policeman in front of a fuel retailer kiosk at the Tiom District.

July 17, 2014, a motorcycle taxi driver named Nasito was shot right in the neck at Dugume Village, Tiom District, Lanny Jaya Regency. Nasito comes from Purbolinggo, Central Java.

July 28, 2014, Purom criminal group intercepted a joint patrol team in Nugume Village, Pirime District.

August 1, 2014, Purom again confronted Indonesian Armed National Force, which was shifting troops from Wamena to Lanny Jaya. In the exchange of fire, one soldier suffered from gunshot wounds and five Purom members were killed.

August 4, 2014, Purom separatist groups attacked the convoy of Mobile Brigades who escorted the Lanny Jaya Regional Secretary in the Yalipok Bridge; border of Jiwili Village and Wiremgembur Village. One personnel of the Mobile Brigade was injured.


Giku Murib and Markus, two civilians, who work as drivers of CV Nirwana’s heavy equipment were shot from behind while they were driving a car in the Popome District. Both suffered gunshot wounds. Purom then also burned an excavator unit owned by CV Nirwana.


August 22, 2016, a civilian employee from PT Asjaya was shot dead on the right chest and in the head by the Purom Wenda group. The victim named Simon and came from Toraja, North Sulawesi. This incident occurred in Kome Village, Malagaineri, Lanny Jaya.


May 1, 2017, Purom Wenda and his friends attacked Chief Police Brigadier Awaluddin at Pasar Tiom, Lanny Jaya. Awaluddin suffered severe head injuries.

Early December 2017, the Purom Wenda group opened fire on members of the Lanny Jaya Resort Police Headquarters who were holding a morning rally.


May 23, 2018, Lanny Jaya Regional Government employees were shot at by the Purom Wenda group while distributing social assistance to the Ballinga District community. The alertness of the security forces succeeded in securing activities so that there were no casualties or material losses.

August 17, 2018, Purom Wenda and his group issued a shot around the location of the 73rd Indonesian Independence Day ceremony. In the incident, there were no casualties, but the action succeeded in raising fear in the Lanny Jaya community.

November 2, 2018, a motorcycle taxi driver named Yanmar, from South Sulawesi, was shot dead by the Purom Wenda group.

Purom Wenda has indeed become a source of fear for Papuans. Almost all of the victims were shot in the head, neck, and chest; indicates that the victims were shot at close range and without resistance. Purom Wenda also hates transmigrants. All victims killed by Purom Wenda were all transmigrants.

Purom Wenda doesn’t seem to be afraid of God. He actually realized that this brutal action not only killed civilians and police but also its members. Even so, he doesn’t care. For Purom, the lives of his members are worthless.

Because of all his crimes, Purom Okiman Wenda must be held accountable for his actions before the law. If he does not surrender, the police will continue to pursue him; he will continue to be haunted by the death penalty for all his actions. Purom could have avoided human trials, but he would not have been able to prevent the court of the Most Just.

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