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The Pride of Indonesia Comes from Papua


Behind the issue of violence and discrimination that always haunts the land of Papua, these young people succeed in proving to the world that they are capable of achieving. There are those who make the name of the Papuans at the National level to the International. Also, they deserve to be exemplified regarding their achievements. From them, the Papuan Youth, we learn how perseverance and hard work can change the fate of one’s life. Meet them, the seven young heroes from Papua in the following list:

1. George Saa

George Saa or commonly known as Oge is the World Physics Champion. Indonesia may not heard his name, but world physicists know how great Oge in making physics formulas. George Saa is recognized to have perseverance and intelligence to solve problems. In one case, Oge believed in the uniqueness of the honeycomb geometry and therefore found a way to calculate the resistance of an infinite series of hexagon shapes.

Oge received many scholarship offers after winning the World Competition First Step to Nobel Prize in physics in 2004. His research successfully defeated dozens of world physicists and won first place. With the result of his extraordinary work, Oge has easy access to enter any university in the world for free. Oge finally chose to study at the Florida Institute of Technology and majored in aerospace engineering.

George Saa, the young man from Papua who made BJ Habibie as his role model, said that he wanted to continue the struggle of the third Indonesian President to develop Indonesia aircraft technology. He is still trying hard to get into Indonesian Research Institutions to combine aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering as he has been studying. Although counted as already very strong in the world of physics, George Saa’s highest ideals are still the same, which is to contribute in advancing Indonesia, especially Papua.

2. Freddy Numberi

Freddy Numberi, the man who had served as governor of Papua, has many achievements in the military and political and government fields. In the military world, Freddy Numberi was a three-star Vice Admiral in the Indonesian Navy. He had held various High-ranking positions including in the Irian Jaya-Maluku. In the world of politics and government, Freddy had been a minister several times. First, he became a minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries from 2004-2009. For the next two years, Freddy served as Minister of Transportation. The achievements obtained by Freddy Numberi indicate that Papua also has an incredible youth with grand performances.

3. Voni Blesia

Voni Blesia is a Papuan student who first graduated for the first batch of Papuan superior student scholarships sent since 2009, in a Doctoral program, to some well-known universities abroad. She successfully graduated in 2013 with a cum-laude in health science. Voni Blesia’s graduation was a pride for Papuan because she graduated within 3.5 years. Graduating quickest and even getting a cum laude title, shows that young people from Papua are also able to compete with the best students from other countries. Blesia hopes that her knowledge can help services in Papua, especially in the health sector which is her expertise.

4. Alvionita Kogoya

Alvionita Kogoya, a genius with astonishing goals. She has recently won a prestigious award in China. Her name was listed as a bronze medal winner in the World Mathematics Team Championship (WMTC 2014) which was held in China when she was still in Junior High School. This achievement does not come in the blink of an eye. However, many parties supported the girl who was 15 years old to win the bronze medal in the prestigious event. The local Papuan government has sent her to study at Surya Institute by the government of Nduga in Tangerang. Under the guidance of Yohanes Surya, who is also a coach of George Saa, Nita is sure to study and practice diligently in mathematics. She needed three years to be able to get the bronze medal at the Math Olympiad event in China. Nita also apparently won the bronze medal in Mathematics OSN in 2012 and earned a gold medal in Olympic Science and Mathematics game in Asia, ASMOPS.

The 19 years old is planning to continue her studies at the Medical Faculty of the University of Indonesia. She even designed her return after graduating from college; she would immediately become a doctor in Papua. She was well aware that access to health in Papua was deficient, so she also dreamed of being able to build a hospital in Papua.

5. Titus Bonai and Boaz Salossa

Who does not know these two? The coolest footballers from the land of Papua who always got a score for the name of Indonesian National Team. Titus Bonai, his work certainly has no doubt. He was once in the Indonesian National Football Team U-23 a while ago. He is also a player from Persipura. His agility is also unique. Boaz Salossa, similar to Titus Bonai also has outstanding achievements. He is known as a player who has a very high level of accuracy and always hunts for goals.

6. Ari Sihasale

Ari Sihasale is a native Papuan in the world of Indonesian cinema. His hand has produced a variety of national-themed films that have made sweet memories for Indonesian Film Lovers. He managed to make the movie such as Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan, King, Serdadu Kumbang, and Di Timur Matahari.

As a manifestation of his pride, Ari repeatedly shows Papua as a complete set with the local wisdom contained in it. For example Denias, who does not recognize the coolness of the local sense in it?

7. Bob Royen Sabatino and Thinus Lamek Yewi

Did you know about two boys from Papua who managed to pass NASA’s flight test? They are Bob Royen Sabatino and Thinus Lamek Yewi. These young men from Papua are researching if paddy can grow in outer space. We all know that atmospheric conditions gravitational force and air pressure in outer space are far different from the earth. Experts and the Education Office launched this research idea. The material was launched with United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launched from 41 Space Launch Complex at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. After NASA gives the results, both of them will be invited to conduct further research and present their findings at the annual conference of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research in Washington DC.

This list contains the Papuan Youth who can prove that they can also achieve something for Papua. The achievements they scored were able to portray the other side of Papua; not the violence, not the distance, or isolations. How incredible are these youths achievement? With all their limitation, they push through and reach their highest point.

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