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West Papua’s Students Enlivened Indonesia Heroes’ Day


Thousands of students in ​​Manokwari Regency, West Papua, enlivened the Pesta Para Pahlawan (Party of Heroes) event held by the XVIII/Kasuari Military Regional Command on November 10, 2018.

To welcome Indonesia Heroes’ Day, these students attend various competitions and a series of interesting activities at Manokwari Borarsi Field, West Papua. The day’s activities began with the Heroes ‘Day Ceremony and then continued with the Pesta Para Pahlawan and Gebyar Masyarakat Manokwari (Manokwari Community Festival).

Head of Information of the XVIII/Kasuari Military Command, Infantry Colonel Andi Gus Wulandari, said that this activity was not only carried out in West Papua but was carried out simultaneously in fifteen Military Regional Commands throughout Indonesia.

The series of Pesta Para Pahlawan and Gebyar Masyarakat Manokwari in West Papua has a busy program. Some of them are parade competitions, national yells competition, speech contests, music shows, dance shows, marching bands, door prize prizes, and trophies to winners of the competitions. This activity also holds interfaith prayers, mass health check-up, culinary festivals, and bazaars.

The Assistant III of the Governor of Papua, Raymond Yap, said that the momentum of the Heroes’ Day was expected to instill an attitude of devotion to the entire nation. “[This momentum] must be meaningful so that it can give birth to a new spirit. [This momentum] must become energy to build all corners of Indonesia,” Yap said.

According to Yap, anyone can be a hero if he or she has the initiative to devote their ideas, thoughts, and lives to benefit the nation and the state.

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