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Young Papuans Who Met and Even Worked for the President


Have you ever imagined being one of the people who got the privilege to interact directly with the President? The following are Papuan youth who have succeeded in making history for their homeland. They have proven that this province with the largest area in Indonesia is not isolated at all.

Senior Commissioner: Johnny Edison Isir

Johnny Edison Isir succeeded in becoming Aide De Camp or the President’s personal aide. He is the first Papuan to get this position. President Joko Widodo chose Johnny directly on the recommendation of the Indonesian National Police Chief, Tito Karnavian.

The man born in 1975 was the first Papuan to enter the police academy. Before becoming President’s aide, Isir had served as Deputy Director General of Criminal Investigation in the Banten Regional Police. He was also the General Criminal Investigation Director of the Riau Regional Police. Isir is a graduate of the University of Wollongong, Australia, and was awarded the 2005 Dharma Seroja Badge.

When President Joko Widodo is choosing a personal aide, General Tito Karnavian had prepared the names of other candidate aides, but the President immediately picked Johnny Edison Isir. “I chose him,” Joko Widodo said at the time.

Being the President’s aide is not easy. In addition to having to have high skill, intelligence, and stamina, the aide must also click with the President. This is a very big achievement.

First Air Defense Artillery Officer: David Yanggroseray

David Yanggroseray was a member of the personal security of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2013. Yanggroseray managed to pass each level of the Presidential Security Forces selection which proved that he had loyalty, skills, intelligence, and alertness. Personal Security of the President is part of the President’s Security Force who escorts the President at close range.

“I am very proud when I was accepted as the President’s Security Force. This task is noble, and I am very proud to be able to join with colleagues from Sabang to Merauke; we gather here to preserve the security of the President,” David said.

There are no differences in opportunities for Papuans to become the President’s Security Force. This opportunity is open to outstanding youth in Papua and other regions in Indonesia.
Yanggroseray’s love for Indonesia and his passion to be the pride of Papua drove him to become a member of the President’s Security Force. Are you interested too?

Briand F. Felle

Briand never thought that he was one of the students chosen to be the team of the National Flag Hoisting Troop at Istana Merdeka’s August 17 Proclamation of Indonesia Independence Ceremony on the 2015.

“I feel proud because Papuan was picked only once before. I am the second one. So I feel very proud to be able to represent the Papua Province here,” Briand said.

Briand was grateful for not making any mistake when attaching the flag. Briand was also relieved when he saw the flag can unfold perfectly. Because the distance is only a few meters apart from the President, Briand was nervous. However, he managed to refocus and carry out his duties well.

Youths in this nation will eventually be the leader of this country. The only difference we have is our persistency to contribute more for the country.

Let’s spread positive messages for Papuan youths. With their contribution, this country will do better.

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