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Horrible, Free West Papua Organization Again Scared the People of Papua


Armed criminal groups (KKB) or better known as OPM (Free Papua Organization) have just made a tantrum again. This time the victim was a motorcycle taxi driver in Lanny Jaya.

The KKB or OPM shot dead a motorcycle taxi driver, Yanmar (42 years), on November 2, 2018 under the pretext that they suspected him of being a spy for the Indonesian police. In fact, the victim is just an ordinary migrant from Sulawesi.

The OPM under the leadership of Puron Wenda forbade residents to evacuate the bodies of victims and make victims as traps to attack the police.
Knowing that the TNI and Polri will go down on November 3, 2018, the OPM made the moment of evacuation of Yanmar as a moment to attack the TNI and Polri which resulted in a 7-hour shootout in Popome, Papua.
As a result, the Indonesian military and police joint team succeeded in seizing two firearms which were seized by the OPM and two of OPM Puron Wenda’s men were killed.

The two members of the KKB who were killed during a gunbattle with a joint TNI-Polri team were Gomes and Kulomabuk.
“Especially Kulomabuk was involved in the attack on Pirime Regional Police in 2012 which killed three police officers including Pirime Police Chief Ipda Rofli Takubesi,” said Kombes Kamal.

Commissioner Ahmad Kamal said, the two firearms that were captured were assault rifles / SS 1 and one jungle / US Carabine type weapon along with 341 bullets of various types.

“The two firearms were allegedly the spoils of the Pirime Sector Police,” Kamal said.
In addition to the two types of firearms that have been secured by the authorities, there are also other types of weapons commonly used by OPM members. The average of OPM member uses homemade weapons. However, they also have a number of weapons that have a decent hit power. Most are the spoils from the TNI / POLRI.

The following are some of their weapons that have been caught on camera:

1. M-16
Seen some members of the Papuan armed movement group carrying the M-16. The variant that is often used is M-16A1. This US-made weapon was used since the Vietnam War era and is one of the most famous assault rifles in the world. M-16 uses 5.56 mm caliber bullets. The effective distance of the shot is around 500-800 meters. But the bullet can reach a distance of 3,000 meters. No fewer than 80 countries have or still use the M-16 as a standard rifle for their soldiers. Indonesia is one of them. TNI used this M-16 to arm its combat battalions, before finally Pindad produced SS1 which was a license from the Belgian FNC.

2. AK-47 dan AK-74
The AK-47 and various variants such as the AK-74 were also seen in several photos of the armed movement in Papua. This curved weapon typical of the Kalashnikov design seems to be a mandatory rifle; in every armed conflict. Starting from Africa, Europe, Middle East to Southeast Asia.

AK-47 is known to be stubborn and easy to maintain. Soaked in water, or entering the mud has never been a problem. The power of the hit is also large with a caliber of 7.62 mm. But the accuracy is still below the M-16. Especially for targets above 400 meters.

Indonesia’s closeness with the Soviet Union in the Old Order era made tens of thousands of these guns flow into the country. Indonesian elite forces such as RPKAD, Kopasgat, Marines and Banteng Raider once used AK-47s.

Besides the AK-47, there are also several other variants such as the AK-74.

3. The PKM Machine Gun

Not only individual assault rifles, there are rare photos of members of armed criminal groups in Papua carrying machine guns. One of them was a PKM team machine gun made in Russia.

The PKM machine gun is capable of striking 650 bullets per minute. The effective distance of an average shot is 1,000 meters. But it can reach 3.8 km.
PKM uses 7.62 mm caliber bullets. It has been tested in various world conflicts and has been the mainstay of East Block machine guns in the past.

4. Steyr AUG

Armed groups in Papua have Steyr AUGs which they seized from members of the National Police Mobile Brigade. The weapon was also used by the Sabinus Walker group when shooting dead a Brimob member in 2015. The conclusion was obtained by the police from the estimated shooting range.

Steyr AUG has a telescope that can be used to aim remotely. The effective distance of the shot reaches 500 meters. This weapon is often used by Brimob in reaction shooting exercises and various missions.

The weight of this Austrian-made rifle blank is only 3.6 kg with a compact display. No wonder Steyr AUG is used as a mainstay of many special forces in the world. It is used in Austria, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, to Australia and Malaysia.

According to the weapons used by OPM / KSB, it is reasonable that OPM / KSB actions are equivalent to terrorism and must be secured by Indonesian security forces.

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