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Media Propaganda by Arm Criminal Group/OPM


KKB or OPM shot dead a motorcycle taxi driver, Yanmar (42 years), on November 2, 2018 under the pretext that they suspected him of being a spy for the Indonesian police. In fact, the victim was just an ordinary migrant from Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The OPM under the leadership of Purom Wenda forbade residents to evacuate the bodies of victims and make the victims a trap to attack the police.

Knowing that the TNI and Polri will go down on November 3, 2018, the OPM made the moment of evacuation of Yanmar as a moment to attack the TNI and Polri which resulted in a 7-hour shootout in Popome, Papua.

As a result, the Indonesian military and police joint team succeeded in seizing two firearms which were seized by the OPM and two of OPM Purom Wenda’s men were killed.
Not to stop there, OPM activists also spoke to international media (not local media) to attract sympathy from the international community.

1. Nelson Wenda’s Fake Data on RadioNZ

On RadioNZ and Asianeconomist media, Nelson Wenda claimed to be a representative of PMI, stating that thousands of Papuans were hiding in the forest due to disputes between the OPM and TNI-Polri. Nelson stated that they did not have enough food, but were afraid to return home for fear of being affected by the dispute.

Without clarifying the validity of the source of the information, RadioNZ publishes the news. In fact, none of the local news contained Nelson Wenda’s false statements. If using logic, it is impossible for local media (Jubi and Cendrawasih Pos) and social media in Indonesia to be blind to seeing Nelson Wenda’s fake data.

The PMI code of ethics at www.pmi.or.id clearly states that communication or information with outsiders The open movement without limits can endanger the security of PMI, because it can be misused for propaganda or can give the image that the Movement is a siding organization.

Also information about villagers running and hiding into the forest during TNI-Polri vs OPM gun contact. It is clear that the reason for OPM / KSB hiding in the forest is, that it is difficult to find by the TNI-Polri. Bringing a number of “thousands” of citizens into hiding in the forest really makes no sense because it means that the people actually approach the conflict area, not stay away.

Can Nelson Wenda and RadioNZ provide evidence of this excessive statement?

Perhaps Nelson Wenda has forgotten on October 3 OPM/KSB held hostage medical and teaching staff at Mapenduma

2. Military Burns Houses

Nelson Wenda also mentioned that 7 Papuans were killed in Puncak Puncak last month. And that the Indonesian military killed residents’ pigs and burned their homes. Nelson also stated that PMI had built 60 tents for those who could not return home.

However, the fact on the ground is that KKB / OPM were the perpetrators in the burning of people’s houses as happened in the village of Banti on 2 April 2018. In addition, the OPM also admitted the burning of the Mobile Brigade headquarters and the gold mining headquarters in Tembagapura in November last year.

Did Nelson Wenda forget that Indonesia is not a bar-country, Indonesia entered as a UN security council and several times was involved in world war peace. In addition, the military’s responsibility as a guardian of security and the sovereignty of a country was enormous. Every member of the military who commits violence to the point of being killed will also get sanctions. The most severe punishment as happened in 2005, that the military that committed the murder will be sentenced to death as a deterrent effect for other military members.

3. A Motorcycle Taxi Driver as a Spy

Other media also gave a justification that the death of 2 OPM members, Purom Wenda’s men, occurred as a result of Purom Wenda’s OPM group killing a motorcycle taxi driver who was allegedly a police spy.

The fact is that the victim named Yanmar was really a motorcycle taxi driver and was working to take passengers. There were also no other civilians killed other than motorcycle taxi drivers who were victims of the shootings.

Yanmar’s body was even made a trap by the OPM to attack the TNI-Polri when they carried out the evacuation process.

Did you know the international media that Yanmar’s body is now in Wamena and the was scheduled to evacuated to Makassar via Jayapura on November 4, 2018.

If a similar case occurs in a Free West Papua sympathizer country that is consumed by false data, will the state military remain silent while armed separatist groups throw tantrums by taking hostages, killing and attacking people?

International media are also blind to use data from sources that are not clear and make the situation worse. Is it that difficult for international media to validate the data by looking at the news in Indonesian online local media?

If international media needs help in finding data, here is a list of media that can be used as a source of news for international media to obtain valid data regarding what happened in Papua.

http://www.pmi .or.id/index.php/component/content/category/53-aktivitas.html
https://news.detik .com/berita/4238591/melawan-2-opm-ditembak-mati-tni-di-puncak-jaya
https://www.radionz .co.nz/international/pacific-news/375570/fears-for-civilians-as-west-papuan-conflict-rages?fbclid=IwAR1ssnCT1tkBGDpx-6enoY0bNEUllLDqN35Mgou7QAJAxWlG1o07xbhrnj4
https://www.merdeka .com/peristiwa/pertempuran-paling-mendebarkan-tni-vs-kelompok-bersenjata-papua/5-anggota-kelompok-bersenjata-tewas-ditembak-tni.html
https://www.cnnindonesia .com/nasional/20180403075223-20-287780/opm-baku-tembak-dengan-tni-di-tembagapura-dua-tewas

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