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Message from Young Papuan: “Let’s Fight Hoax!”


The Chairperson of the Love Indonesia Movement or Gerakan Cinta Indonesia (Gercin), Hendrik Yance Udam, appealed to all young people or generations of Papua to dare to fight hoaxes and national disintegration, because the nation’s heroes had fought for Indonesian independence.

“73 years ago, the heroes had fought and united to fight for the independence of this nation. Therefore, as the next generation, do not forget them in expelling invaders on Mother Earth, “Hendrik said on the release received by the media on Saturday (11/10).

He said, the fighters and heroes with enthusiasm and using bamboo only united to drive away the invaders from the Republic of Indonesia.

In Papua there are also National Heroes who are involved in the struggle to oust invaders, such as Heroes Silas Papare, Marthen Indey and Frans Kaisiepo.

“From that, the younger generation, our current task is not against the invaders. But fight the hoax and disintegration of the nation. To defend the state of the Republic of Indonesia, in an effort to divide the nation by replacing the Pancasila ideology in addition to ideology outside the Pancasila, “he said.

He invited all to prosper this nation, by carrying out the task of maintaining the diversity and integrity of the NKRI. Because this nation is vast, and the one who can unite is Pancasila.

“Therefore, to the current generation, let’s fight the hoax news. Because it is part of fulfilling independence, “he said.

“Don’t ask what Indonesia has given to us. But what we have done for Indonesia,” he added.

Especially in Papua, there are already heroes from areas that are used as currency symbols. This is a manifestation of the country’s appreciation, and shows that Papua has participated in struggling to expel invaders on the Republic of Indonesia.

“The Papuan generation must be able to maintain their name, by learning well and not getting drunk. As well as not participating in spreading hoax news, so that the Republic of Indonesia remains intact at any time, “he ordered.

Source : https://seputarpapua .com/view/4807-pemuda_papua_harus_berani_melawan_hoax_dan_disintegrasi_bangsa.html

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