On November 6, 2018, there is a news posted on facebook said that as if there was an increase in the number of military forces in Timika and asked the public to be careful about the addition of military and police in the area. Based on what they uploaded on Facebook, it was clear that KSP was only twisting the original news reported by Harian Papua News. it looks like KSP is trying to scare the Papuans. So the military and police are increasingly getting hate in Papua.

Because actually these personnel are indeed on duty in Mimika or in the other words there are no additions made by the military or the police. What actually happened is the replacement of personnel. The personnel who had just arrived were personnel appointed to replace personnel who had previously served in Timika.

A total of 100 North Maluku Regional Police Brigade personnel arrived in Timika on Thursday (1/11). The arrival of the North Maluku Regional Police Mobile Bridge to replace NTB Regional Police Mobile Brigade personnel who had expired in Mimika.

Based on field data compiled, around 07.43 WIT Lion Air PK-LKT JT-3841 arrived at New Moses Kilangin Timika Airport carrying 100 passengers from The North Maluku Regional Police Mobile Brigade Unit led by IPTU Samsuddin Sio SH and welcomed by Lakhar Police Chief Mimika, AKBP FS Napitupulu, Kaden B Brimob Timika, Kompol I Gede Putra and a number of other high ranking officers.

On that occasion, Acting Chief of Mimika Regional Police, AKBP F Napitupulu also immediately released the departure of personnel from the NTB Regional Police Mobile Brigade from Timika to Lombok using Lion Air PK-LKT JT-3841.

After the NTB Regional Police Mobile Brigade personnel departed, 100 North Sumatera Police Mobile Brigade Unit personnel shifted to Mako Den B Mile 32 using a Police and Bus Truck belonging to PT Freeport 6 units.

The arrival of Brimob personnel from North Maluku Regional Police replaced 100 personnel of the East Nusa Tenggara Police Mobile Brigade who had been serving for three months according to the National Police Chief’s sprint No: Sprint / 3069 / X / OPS. 4.5 / 2018 and Number STR /747/ X / OPS. 2018. The presence of North Maluku Regional Police Mobile Brigade Personnel in actively launching Papuan regional Police BKO forces in anticipation of contingency events after the social conflict.

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