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Indonesian Police Arrested an Australian from the Papuan College Dormitory, Surabaya


Police found an Australian woman while securing 233 students from the Papuan Student Dormitory, Surabaya, on December 2, 2018, in the early hours of the morning. The police then immediately took the Australians to the immigration office for inspection.

“She is being examined by the immigration office. We worked with the immigration office because this office was part of the Government so they could help us carry out the inspection. [This examination] was carried out because [the foreigner] was included in this group [of pro-separatism],” Head of Public Relations for the East Java Regional Police, Frans Barung Mangera, stated.

The Australian woman’s identity according to her passport is Harman Ronda Amy. At present, the immigration office is still checking her motives and goals in coming to Indonesia. They also examined her involvement in Papuan students action on December 1 yesterday.

“Immigration will check the validity of this foreigner when she entered Indonesia, such as checking visas and passports. Such an examination is the authority of the immigration. Immigration will also examine the records of this foreigner, regarding the length of their relations with [the separatist] group in Indonesia,” Mangera explained.

An early police investigation found that Amy’s social media account uses the name Ronda Doggett and this account has many posts and photos related to the Free Papua Movement.

On December 1, 2018, hundreds of Papuan students in Surabaya celebrated West Papua Independence Day in a long rally. In their speeches, these students demanded that Papua should be given freedom in determining its fate (holding a referendum). In their action, the students brought the Morning Star attribute, a flag provided by Queen Juliana during the creation of a Papuan puppet state in the past.

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