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Arrest of West Papuans Activity on December 10th


The celebration of Human Rights Day in Papua which was celebrated with speeches and longmarch actions in Waena, Timika, West Papua (10/12). After the demonstrators spread fear of stone attacks, because they wont police to guard the action. Police tried to control the situation by securing 132 KNPB members for questioning. There was no detention by the police, all secured KNPB members were now allowed to return home.

Chronology of December 10 long march

The speeches and long marches carried out by Free West Papua activists were intended to celebrate the world human rights day which fell on December 10. Hundreds of people who took to the streets tried to voice human rights especially in West Papua.

However, as is always the case, the actions carried out by these activists invoked chaos, the police were on standby to anticipate mass anarchists.

This action took place at 07.00 CEST, the demonstrators who gathered at the Cenderawasih University Campus gate began to move and voice their aspirations. At around 1:00 p.m., the mob who was carrying out a long march was blocked by the police. Even though at that time, the police were only on guard to avoid riots.

The demonstrators who did not accept the police presence began throwing stones at the police. As a result, residents in the Perumnas III began to look for protection. Citizen activities and the economic wheel in the region stopped because the atmosphere began to grip.

To stop the riots from getting worse, the police finally took action to dissolve the action and secure 90 KNPB members in the Timika region and 42 people in Merauke. Nevertheless, KNPB spokesman Ones Suhuniap said that all the activists had been repatriated by the police and had not been detained.

Reasons for Securing KNPB Activists

When questioned about the dissolution and security of KNPB activists, the police said that the dissolution was done because the KNPB did not get permission even though it had reported the action plan. This is because the KNPB is a group that is not registered with the National Unity and Political Institution (Bakesbangpol). This because KNPB is a kind of organization who against Indonesian Government and wants to separate from Indonesia.

During this march, KNPB voicing about their provocative aspiration. This is five KNPB statements read by Agus Kossay, chairman of the central KNPB:

1. Immediately restore the political rights of the West Papuans
This first point is a bit ambiguous because the KNPB considers that the political rights of West Papua are being held by the Indonesian government. While the response from Indonesian government throughout the years are; 92% people in Papua holds the highest vote turnover during the last presidential election (2014); 84% holds the highest vote turnover during the district election (2018); The Indonesian authorities have never taken any action to mute or disband any separatist political group until this day, and the number of civil organizations in West Papua, local and international, is increasing.

2. Immediately close all foreign companies in the territory of West Papua
The problem is that the control of natural resources in Papua is protected by contracts that have a long duration of concession results in the previous government, especially during the New Order period. This is a big chore when today’s government tries to release the shackles.

Even so, President Jokowi did not give up. He and his staff continued to lobby PT. Freeport Indonesia to be willing to release some of its shares to be controlled by Indonesia. Until finally succeeded in reaching the word “agreement” for the acquisition of the shares. In mid-2018, the process of acquiring 51% of PT. Freeport Indonesia began to be run by the Indonesian government through state-owned holding companies in the mining sector, PT. Indonesia Asahan Alumunium (Inalum).

Under the leadership of President Jokowi, Indonesia looks very aggressive in taking over a portion of the natural resources owned by foreign companies.

3. Immediately close liquor sales which is an Indonesian military business in West Papua that continues to destroy indigenous Papuans
In August, Indonesian police successed to secured 70 cartons where as many as 16 cartons were thrown into the ravine by the perpetrators, and all the contents of the carton were broken. So the total secured by the police in the field is 2,593 bottles of Vodka.

4. The KNPB calls for immediate general mobilization of all West Papuan homeland towards a civil strike for the agenda of the right to self-determination through a referendum
Is it true that Papuans want self-determination? All this time, what the KNPB has done is to lead opinions so that the masses in Papua hate Indonesia. On the contrary, the Papuan community actually supports the presence of the Indonesian government and hopes to continue development.

5. Immediately both organic and non-organic military leave the territory of West Papua, Sorong to Merauke
While it is easier to picture the military and police authority as perpetrator in violent clashes with the separatists, it is also important to see that many of the murders in Papua were done by members and supporters of the Free West Papua movement. Remember who is the suspect from 24 killed in Nduga recently? It is Free West Papua Activist military wing. Not only that, separatist groups are also notorious for spreading fake news containing hoaxes, from questionable sources.

In summary, what KNPB had done to Indonesia is trying to threaten Indonesia territorial integrity and continuously made security and economic crisis to Papuans. As an intellectual group for Free West Papua Campaign, KNPB is interconnected with the military group, the West Papua liberation army. Remember this, the mass longmarch, the massacre and the rally for December 1 is a classic example of how separatist groups in the world operate.

Because of that, it should have been possible to anticipate the possibility of such acts of violence earlier, after the clandestine wing moved, the separatist military wing of Papua would also move. Their aim was very clear, to attract the world’s attention to the struggle for Papuan independence they were doing and to put political pressure on the Indonesian government.

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