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Demanding independence, The Liberation Army of West Papua caused This Things in West Papua


OPM Statement on the murder case of 31 people in Nduga

In many of his interviews with national media, Sebby Sambom confirmed that his group, the military wing of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) was responsible for the murder of project workers in Nduga, Papua. Sebby claimed that the reason for the shooting of 31 civilians was to demand independence in West Papua.

The Free Papua Organization, which calls itself the West Papuan national liberation army, claimed to have planned this murder three months earlier because the group did not agree with the construction of the trans Papua road that was being carried out.

Strictly speaking, Sebby Sambom said the construction of the trans Papua road which was fronted by the Indonesian military was the main cause of this shooting. The OPM even pleaded not guilty and insisted that what they were killing was Indonesian soldiers and not civilians.

As if knowing the real situation, through a different place Benny Wenda, chairman of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua said that the OPM cannot be blamed and cannot be labeled a criminal in connection with the shooting in Nduga. According to him, the OPM made efforts to disrupt development in Papua so that the Papuan people would not be more steadfast and loyal to Indonesia.

19 victims of the massacre were civilians

While carrying out the shootings in Nduga, the OPM insisted that the attackers were military and not civilians. Indonesian military finally verified the status of the victims after the evacuation of 17 bodies was completed and had been returned to their families to Sulawesi. These victims were purely civilians and not the Indonesian military.

Two dead victims are still included in the police search list. Not only that, two victims who managed to escape until now have not been found by the police. The police suspect that these two people are still alive.

Not only civilians who were victims, right after brutally slaughtering 25 employees of PT. Istaka Karya, this separatist group moved towards Mbua, destroying a post that was intentionally built to protect employees who worked to build the Trans Papua bridge and killed one Brimob man who was then trying to stop the destruction by OPM.

The impact of this shooting was felt not only on the employees of victims of murder and security forces, but also on residents of Mbua, Yall and Yigi who fled to take refuge in the forest who did not want to be involved in a conflict between the TNI and OPM.

This is because OPM which have a system of “attacking and hiding” when after committing violence always hide in the villages and threaten not to inform any information about OPM. OPM that are easily mixed with the residents.

There are reportedly 5 tribes who have fled to the forest. About 780 households or 1500 people chose to secure themselves in the forest. A week after the shooting, now the situation in Mbua District after the attack on the rebel group on the TNI post has begun to gradually return to normal. Social and economic activities have also begun to run normally. While in Yigi, the village situation is still quiet and only leaves a few residents who remain in the village while some people still take refuge in the forest.

To ask for independence, the OPM dared to do illegal things even if it hurt civilians. Different from what Sebby Sambon and Benny Wenda said related to OPM not being a criminal and never attacking civilians. Now how is Sebby Sambom and his group responsible for the seizure of human rights in West Papua?

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