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Guard the Development, this is the demand of West Papuans


A peaceful demonstration initiated by the Community Alliance of Development in West Papua was successfully held in front of the West Papua Governor’s office on 10 December 2018. The alliance voiced justice for the murder cases experienced by 31 workers from PT Istaka Karya (1/12) who were considered cruel and included in human rights violations in the heavy category. Not only that this group wants development to continue in Papua.

The Angered Papuans towards OPM

The alliance is moving towards the office of the Governor of West Papua, unlike a group of people who are demanding independence for West Papua, the alliance urges the police to arrest and crack down on the gunmen experienced by workers at the Trans Papua bridge project in Nduga District last December 1.

Previously, 19 civilians and 1 Indonesian military man were killed by armed criminal groups because of the motive for dislike of development which was being intensively carried out in Papua.

This alliance considers that the West Papuan liberation army is doing something cruel and violating human rights. While holding a banner that reads “We Want Life to Be Prosperous, We Want to Go Forward, We Need Development” this alliance strongly condemned the actions of separatist groups in West Papua and hoped the perpetrators were executed.

Not only that this alliance also wants the Indonesian government to continue implementing development in Papua and West Papua.

“We are committed to supporting the development carried out by the government, as well as maintaining all facilities such as hospitals, schools, campuses and other facilities in any field. We do not want activities like those done by groups who want to separate themselves from the NKRI,” Fakdawer said, Papuan sons who are also part of this Alliance.

Not only that, Fakdawer said that the government had proven its commitment to build Papua. This commitment has been welcomed by many Papuans. The peaceful action carried out by the alliance hopes to be involved in maintaining security to remain conducive.

Indonesia’s Response to the Demands of Papuans People

Joko Widodo, President of the Republic of Indonesia received many questions regarding whether development in Papua will continue to be carried out after there were 20 people killed in Papua. Respond to that, President Joko Widodo insists that work on the Trans-Papua road project will continue.

Not only that, Joko Widodo is asking that all infrastructure projects and Trans-Papua construction workers always be accompanied by the security personnel. The president also said that the government would prioritise the evacuation of the victims of the shooting by the West Papuan Liberation Army.

“I want to convey that wherever construction work is going on it is always accompanied by security personnel in order to truly provide security guarantees for workers who are working in the field, in the jungles, in preparing infrastructure, particularly roads in the land of Papua which will never stop, but will continue regardless,” he said.

The President said the government’s goal was to continue development in Papua in order to create a sense of social justice in eastern Indonesia. President Jokowi said he wanted all of Indonesian society to experience this development.

“This is to provide infrastructure in the land of Papua and secondly also social justice for all Indonesian people to address the discrepancies in infrastructure between Java and Papua, between the east and west, that is what we can truly pursue”, said Joko Widodo.
Earlier, national police chief General Tito Karnavian claimed that the West Papua Liberation Army led by Egianus Kogoya numbered no more than 50 people who had around 20 firearms.

However, the Angered Papuans showed that only a handful of people wanted self-determination and referendum in West Papua. Most of Papuans want development that is carried out by the Indonesian government. Because development has provided welfare and improved lives for the people of Papua.

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