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Is Spreading Terror Also a Way towards Independence of Papua?


Creating fear is one of the main strategies in conquering enemies. To achieve this, many victims are sure to fall. Like the 9/11 World Trade Center Tragedy, more than 2,000 civilians were killed by terrorists. The Papua Separatist Rebels also uses the same strategy to spread terror; killed 17 civilians who worked to build Trans Papua Road in December 2, 2018.

The spokesman for the Papua Separatist Rebels (TPNPB-OPM), Sebby Sambom, stated that the 17 people they shot were members of the Indonesian military who were disguised. “If there are true civilians being victims, of course, it is the responsibility of the TNI.”

Sebby also added that the Papua Separatist Rebels would continue to attack until finally a total revolution was reached. “At this time there are still revolutionary stages, small attacks to certain points. When we reach the total revolution, we will expel all non-Papuans from this country. “

It is clear that for the Papua Separatist Rebels if they are not Papuans, they will be killed. Although their primary target is Indonesian military soldiers, civilians who are not Papuan Natives can also be their shooting target. For this group, people who are not locals are undercover military members.

This Separatist Rebels strategy was indeed carried out to cause fear so that immigrant civilians felt insecure and immediately left Papua. Not only that, Papua is a unique and challenging battlefield to be conquered by any military soldier. These jungles are the main playground of the Papua Separatist Rebels, one of the locations where they can defend themselves.

After this, Indonesia will find it difficult to predict what kind of atrocities will be exhibited by the Papua Separatist Rebels to spread terror in their land. Who will be the target, how many victims will fall again, how will the pro-Separatist media present the edited facts to re-corner Indonesia; all of this will continue to haunt Indonesia. Because of this, the Papua Separatist Rebels was in control of the revolution that they echoed.

Will it be fine to let this happen? Will the government take the initiative to let the Indonesian National Armed Force use a counter-insurgency? Will there be a way for Indonesia to maintain its sovereignty without tarnishing the country reputation in front of the international public?

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