Egianus Kogoya is the leader of a group of the Free West Papua Army, who on December 2 held hostage and killed 17 construction workers of PT Istaka Karya in Yigi, Nduga, Papua. According to living witnesses, Egianus did not only host workers living in labor camps alone, but his group also swept locals’ houses carrying weapons to look for non-Yigi residents. Until now, the Indonesian military is still searching for victims’ bodies and survivors.

The President’s Special Staff for the Papua Working Group, Lenis Kogoya, condemned the actions of Egianus Kogoya which tarnished the honor of the Kogoya clan. The Kogoya clan was the clan who first pledged themselves as citizens of Indonesia and spearheaded the surrender of weapons to Indonesia at the beginning of the emergence of the Armed Criminal Group in Papua.

“Nearly 100 Kogoyans handed their weapons. Only Kogoyans can do things like this. From the border, all of their weapons were handed over [to Indonesia]. Then they expressed their attitude [to join Indonesia],” Lenis said, “We, the Kogoya clan, contributed greatly to the country because our parents are fighters. “

According to the Indonesian Police, the Yigi District which was the location of the massacre of construction workers was previously a safe district. So far, the construction of the Trans Papua road, bridges, and also the lives of PT Istaka Karya workers and residents have been peaceful. The situation changed after Egianus, and his separatist group, inhabited the district. Allegedly, Egianus moved to Yigi because his position was pressed at his previous headquarters in Kenyam, Nduga. The Yigi District is then categorized into the red zone because its security is not guaranteed.

Due to the various terror and atrocities committed by Egianus and his group, the Kogoya name has often been mentioned in multiple news headlines. This fact made Lenis, as the President’s Special Staff who also bears the name Kogoya, became upset.

Lenis appealed to the Indonesian people not to give bad marks to all those with the surname Kogoya just because of Egianus’ actions. “Stop using Kogoya’s name on the mountain there.” Lenis reiterated.

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