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There’s a Bombing in West Papua, Here is The Real Facts.


Free Papua Armed Rebels Social Media Accounts posted a video which claimed there was an air-bombing in Yigi, Yall, Nirkuri, and Mbua District in Nduga, West Papua carried out by Indonesian Military on December 14, 2018. Free Papua Armed Rebels claimed that Indonesia Military did a non-stop attacking which involving 6 civilians (2 died and 4 others in critical state). Not only that they want UN to send peace forces to West Papua because Indonesian Army has no stop attacking the civilians.

In facts, that Free Papua Armed Rebels claimed as the evidence was a grenade that always used by Indonesian Army to paralyze the Free Papua Armed Rebels while evacuate the victims of December 1 massacre in West Papua. A Grenade used by Indonesian Army is a grenade owned by all infantry troops and not kind of dangerous bomb that can killed civilians like Free Papua Armed Rebels claimed.

Related to 6 civilians who were claimed died, Indonesian army stressed the evacuation location was in Puncak Kabo which 4-5 kms away from the residence. If there were a civilians who shot by the Indonesian Army it is possible that they were a Free Papua Armed Rebels.

Coordinating Ministry of Politics, Law, and Security, Wiranto, stressed they will not using the bombs in facing war solicitation this separatist group.

Despite using grenades, Indonesian Army stressed that they not been implemented to do combat operations against the Free Papua Armed Rebels yet.

“Hand Grenade and throwers are owned by all infantry forces. But who is the one who boast us? Which means, they must ready to against the whole Indonesia Army power” said Muhammad Aidi.

Moreover, the TNI said that the desired combat zone by the Free Papua Armed Rebels was a unilateral desire and did not get the approval of the Indonesian Army.

Meanwhile, conditions in Nduga are now gradually safe even though the search for 4 missing victims is still ongoing.

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