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A Love Message From Hendrik Yance Udam, Youth From Papua


To the Governor of Papua Province, Lukas Enembe, we ask to immediately communicate with all stakeholders in Papua; religious leaders, youth leaders, traditional leaders, as well as Indonesian Joint Force to find joint solutions in resolving the bloody Nduga crisis which resulted in Trans Papua road workers being shot by Free Papua Armed Rebels.

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe should issue a polite statement so it can calm the situation in Papua more harmoniously instead of issuing a statement that can frighten people and foster the spirit of division. Moreover, there are new seeds of conflict in Papua.

We do not agree with the statement of Governor Lukas Enembe that the problem in Nduga is demanding of the Papuan people who are asking for independence. The statement was different from the statement of the Deputy Governor of Parliament who strongly condemned and stated that the issue of shooting PT. Istaka Karya worker is an abomination of Free Papua Armed Rebels and asks the Indonesian Joint Force to arrest the perpetrators of the crime.

We all know that the Papua issue has been final and cannot be disturbed in the frame of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with the May 1, 1969 Act of the Free Choice (Pepera) facilitated by the United Nations in accordance with applicable international law. That means West Papua has been independent sovereignly in the Republic of Indonesia, it’s time we fill that independence with positive things and build Papua within the framework of the NKRI.

Papua has seven indigenous territories consisting of approximately two hundred more indigenous Papuans who inhabit the land of Papua and one of our goals for establishing a country is prosperity.

Our question is, if Papua was pushed to independence from the NKRI by political elites and foreign accomplices who were existing political adventurers, would Papua be more prosperous and safer?

We believe not, because there will be killings everywhere to seize the power. Whereas when it was still in the bosom of the NKRI, fellow indigenous Papuans killed each other through tribal warfare in Papua and there was very high tribalism for strategic positions in government and politics in Papua. Only certain tribes dominate the existing government.

Making Papua independent and leaving the NKRI is not the solution to pushing Papuans into the valley of death and will make our lives as Papuans more miserable and suffering.

We ask Governor Lukas Enembe to immediately find a strategic solution to resolve the issue of Papua within the framework of the NKRI and also mediate between warring groups in Papua and not necessarily bully the central government with the issue of Free Papua. Because the position of Papua in NKRI is a final and can not be contested.

We fully support the infrastructure development that has been carried out by the Central Government in Papua for the welfare of Papuans within the framework of the NKRI and support the Indonesian Force Joint to maintain security in Papua and pursue Free Papua Armed Rebels that killed the workers on the trans Papua road in Nduga District, West Papua.

Reference: http://mediapatriot .co.id/2018/12/19/rakyat-papua-dalam-pangkuan-negara-kesatuan-republik-indonesia-nkri-sudah-final/

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