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Jhon Al Norotouw: Governor Lukas Enembe was Already Out of Line


“Papua does not need development, Papua is asking for independence. Because they talked [about it] for many years, but we never solve this [problem]. Papuans should not become victims again.” Lukas Enembe, Governor of Papua

Papua’s political observer, Jhon Al Norotouw, said Lukas’s statement to the media was inappropriate and was off track.

“The governor is the representative of the government and the state. The governor must be the first person to condemn crimes, take a firm stance, and give security.” Jhon Al Norotouw, Papua Political Observer

As a government apparatus, the governor should not speak in a position to side with the separatist group, even posed as the spokesman for the group.

The governor should be able to open dialogue with these rebel groups, becoming an extension of the central government to resolve conflicts.

Hendrik Yance Udam from the Love Indonesia Movement asked Lukas to immediately find a strategic solution to the conflict in Papua within the framework of the United Republic of Indonesia.

“Papua Governor Lukas Enembe must issue a polite and soothing statement instead of frightening people and fostering the spirit of division.” Hendrik Yance Udam, NKRI Love Movement

Governor Lukas also mentioned that PT Istaka Karya was only a cover, that the construction of the Trans Papua road was entirely carried out by the military members.

Colonel Infantry Muhammad Aidi from Cenderawasih Military Command, Papua, stressed that the military was only in charge of the success of the operation rather than the project doer.

Aidi called Lukas, as Governor of Papua, did not understand the situation. Lukas also did not comment on separatist criminal acts.

Aidi said that anyone who helps, supports, protects separatists even if only in one sentence, has become part of a separatist group.

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