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Living in West Papua Might be Unimaginable for You


During this time foreign media often reported that the life of Papua was tense and backward because Indonesia. When in fact, life in Papua is far from the terrifying impression. There are no oppression or limitation for Papuans to lead their life. In fact, many young Papuans are active in various communities that build their talents and interests. One of these communities is the Generasi Pesona Indonesia (GenPI or Enchanting Indonesia Generation) for Papua and West Papua.

The natural beauty of Papua and West Papua is no stranger to the people of Indonesia and the international public. Because of its inherent potential, the Regional Governments of Papua and West Papua want to develop the regional tourism sector so that it can become an income to develop Papua and West Papua.

GenPI for Papua and West Papua established to support the development of the tourism sector. The GenPI for the two provinces was officially inaugurated by the Head of the Papua Province Tourism Office, Yosep Matituna, also witnessed by the Chairperson of the National GenPI Daily, Siti Chotijah, at November 23, 2018.

Tourism Minister Arif Yahya stressed that tourism is the future of the Indonesian nation. Therefore, to safeguard this potential natural wealth, Papua needs to involve all stakeholders including communities and also netizens. Yahya wants GenPI to be able to popularize the Papuan culture and culinary realms.

GenPI manned by smart and creative young people is expected to be able to encourage the introduction of Papuan tourism for domestic and foreign tourists. With the support of these young people, national and regional economic development can be supported by foreign exchange. Also, the approach taken by GenPI is considered the most appropriate for this digital era.

Yosep Matituna also mentioned that the diversity of Papua is an interesting characteristic; which until now has not been explored much by the tourism sector. Matituna wants promotional activities through this digital world to introduce 253 Papuan tribes with their respective cultures.

It did not stop with the declaration of the formation of the Papua and West Papua GenPI alone, the Papua Regional Government also held Pesona Papua Barat (The Enchanting West Papua) event at the Kempinsky Indonesia Hotel, Jakarta, on November 26, 2018. The event was inaugurated by several blows of Tifa (Papuan traditional percussion) from West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan.

The event was enlivened by the performances of the singer Krisdayanti, fashion shows, typical Papuan craft stands, photo booth, and Papua tourism booth. The British and Norwegian Ambassadors who were present at this event were also involved in the festivities of Papuan songs and dances.

In his speech, Governor Mandacan also explained the potential of natural resources and ecotourism in West Papua must also be introduced to domestic tourists because during this time the promotion of Papuan tourism dominantly attracted foreign tourists. Mandacan wants to share the beauty of Papua that boasts the beauty of Indonesia with the Indonesian people themselves.

Papua and West Papua are indeed aggressively improving their governance system, increasing the quality of their human resources, and reducing their poverty. Accompanied by many experts from the Central Government, Papua continues to explore its potential. Fundamental changes such as improvement in health services, education, and other infrastructure have pushed the Papuan economy to move faster and more advanced. The humanist approach that was taken by the Central Government to develop Papua even beckoned hundreds of Free West Papua Movement sympathizers to re-support Indonesia. Papua is increasingly safe, comfortable, and inviting.

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