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The Crimes of Yogor Telenggen; the Hero of Free West Papua Campaign


On November 21, 2018, a status from the Free West Papua Campaign took the public’s attention. The Facebook page that supports West Papua separatism from Indonesia put a status after learning that Yogor Telenggen is threatened with a death sentence. Yogor Telenggen is a military member of the Free Papua Organization which has been on the run since 2016. Not only members of the Indonesian police and military have died from his weapons, but even West Papuan civilians have also fallen victims.

In this status, the Free West Papua Campaign page calls Yogor Telenggen not a criminal, but a freedom fighter who has fought for the rights of self-determination of his people. Furthermore, the page also mentions that the Indonesian Government is a terrorist carrying out illegal operations in West Papua, a stand-alone country.

Yogor Telenggen, also known as Yoman Yellow Card, is a member of the TPN-PB/OPM (West Papua National Liberation Army/Free Papua Organization) under the leadership of Purom Wenda. Telenggen, who was finally arrested again in May 2018 after being fugitive since 2016 was threatened to receive the death penalty due to the crime he had committed.

Yogor Telenggen’s Criminal Record

Telenggen who is worshiped as a hero by the Free West Papua Campaign page has a series of criminal records:

January 28, 2011
The shooting of members of the Papua Regional Mobile Brigadier resulted in the victim’s death and his arsenal being seized by Telenggen.

October 24, 2011
Shooting of a Mobile Brigadier patrol in Kali Semen, Kampung Wanenggobak. During this shooting, two police officers were shot dead, and one member was injured.

November 27, 2012
Attacking Pirime Sector Police. This attack killed three police officers who were on duty. The Telenggen group managed to get three firearms from the police.

January 10, 2013
Shooting against police in the Old City, Wuyukwi, Mulia, Puncak Jaya. The target of this shooting was a police officer, but the brutality of this group caused the death of a civilian.

February 21, 2013
Shooting at Tingginambut, Puncak Jaya and shooting in Sinak, Ilaga.

January 8, 2016
Yogor Telenggen escaped from the Abepura Penitentiary and became a fugitive.

February 12, 2018
The shooting in Sinak, Ilaga, killed a member of the Special Forces Corps.

April 9, 2019
Shooting on the Trigana Air commercial aircraft at Mulia Airport, Puncak Jaya. In this shooting, the Telenggen group also shot and hacked merchant (husband and wife) who open a shop near the airport to death, while their children who were still seven had to be treated for severe wounds. Telenggen also shot dead one more trader around the area.

Chronology of Arrest of Yogor Telenggen

May 13, 2018 02:00 Eastern Indonesia Time (UTC + 9)
Morning rally and preparation of the Papua Special Task Force at Puncak Jaya Police Resort.

May 13, 2018 2:15 (UTC + 9)
The task force arrived at Telenggen’s hideout in Usir Village, Mulia District, Puncak Jaya Regency.

May 13, 2018 2:45 (UTC + 9)
Telenggen was found in one of the honai (Papua traditional house).

May 13, 2018 03: 03: 40 (UTC + 9)
The task force tried to lead Telenggen out of the honai, but Telenggen instead tried to run away and fight. The task unit was forced to paralyze Telenggen by shooting his left leg.

A Pindad production G2 Combat short gun
Five 9 mm caliber ammunition
One cellphone

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