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After Finishing Their Study, Papuan Students Want to Build Their Homeland


Anis Labene was once a child born in the eastern most of Indonesia, Papua. Papua is a beautiful island that posses dense forest and extreme terrain; these are the island’s main attraction but also a very big challenge for development.

While the facilities were often limited at times, Anis kept going. He never lose hope nor the ambition to be better. When there were scholarships offered, Anis saw that as a great chance to develop himself. Today, Anis Labene is The Chairperson of the United States Papuan Student Association (Ikatan Mahasiswa Papua or IMAPA).

As the Chairperson of IMAPA, Anis Labene, stressed that the millennial generation of Papua is committed to developing and advancing Papua after they finish their studies in America. IMAPA claims to be happy with the various developments that are currently happened in Papua.

Anis highlighted the construction of the 4,600-kilometer Trans-Papua road and the Palapa Ring optical cable project. IMAPA hopes that the development currently underway in Papua can be a way for local governments and the central government to welcome Papuan youth who want to return after studying outside the region or abroad, one of them through the use of information technology.

Papuan youth in IMAPA also reap many achievements both at home and abroad. One of IMAPA’s outstanding young students in the United States is Sekton Wandikbo. The 18-year-old Sekton is the best linebacker in the junior level in 2018; a defense position in American Football or what we commonly call rugby.

Sekton not only brought the names of Indonesia and Papua but also listed itself as the first Asian to get the title. With his immense contribution to the game, Sekton escorted Foxcroft Academy in maintaining the Class D North Championship title in the Little Ten Conference.

Sekton, who has been diligent and smart since childhood, began studying in the United States since 2016 with a scholarship from the Government. This scholarship for Sekton also covers the tuition fees after graduating from Foxcroft Academy.

Scholarship recipients to study in the United States are not only Sekton, but almost all Papuan students currently studying in the United States are also scholarship recipients. This fact can not be separated from the Government’s efforts to increase human resources in Papua and encourage Papuans to be able to contribute to advancing their regions.

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