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Samoa Stands with Forum Position on West Papua


On December 22, 2018 Samoa stated its action will take the position of Pacific Island Forum Members and support Indonesia on issues relating West Papua.

Prime Minister Tuilaepa said that interfere West Papua issues is like telling New Zealand that the North Island should be given to another race of Maori, and that’s interference is unacceptable. The Prime Minister said Samoa does not feel it has the power to interfere the West Papua Issue regarding the self determination and knows Papua is a part of Indonesia.

This statement is an answer for the Bishop of the Anglican Church requests in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia. After they called Samoa to increase its vocalisations of concerns against the reported actions of Indonesia Military against West Papua. Beside Samoa, there another MSG countries who stated their supports toward Indonesia’s sovereignty.

Rick Hou, Prime Minister of Solomon Island said that the total of Melanesians in Indonesia is 30 million. It’s clear, everytime we talk about West Papua its refer to Indonesia. So, it has nothing to do to deal with the issues. Rimbink Pato, Papua New Guinea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade expressing that PNG will not support any kind of supporting actions related to West Papua’s Self Determination.

Fijian Government expressing they will not support self determination issues in West Papua with the same reason as other countries.

Samoa and members of the Forum will supported “constructive engagement” over human rights, On the moral issue, The Indonesians should deal with the issue appropriately of human rights abuses. As a conclusion, Asia Pacific countries will support Indonesian sovereignty while guarding the settlement of human rights cases that occurred in Indonesia in the past.

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