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Why Free West Papua Activist Headquarters being Raided?


On December 31, 2018, Facebook Fanpage account, the Free West Papua Campaign circulated news about the taking over of National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) office on Jalan Sosial, Timika, West Papua. In its post, the Free West Papua Campaign claimed that the taking over of the headquarter was carried out by Indonesian Police when the West Papua National Committee and the People’s Region Parliament wanted to celebrate its fourth anniversary. Not only that, the Free West Papua Campaign also assured that there were six people arrested at that moment.

In its post, Free West Papua Campaign said that 6 people arrested included; Yanto Awerkion, Finsen Gobay, Eman Dogopia, Yohana Kobogau, Ruben Kogoya, and Epesus Usage. These six people were identified as administrators and sympathizers of the KNPB. Previously, the arrest of the Separatist Free West Papua activist was carried out because the police found a number of weapons such as machetes at the base. The six people were taken to the Mimika police station for safekeeping and further questioned by the police.

Not only securing activists, Indonesia Police has also raised the Red and White flag in the front window of the secretariat office. In addition to the flag, the police also painted the Red and White flag on the office wall that had been bearing the Free West Papua Activist symbol. This is deemed necessary by the Indonesian Police because the Free West Papua Activist symbols have been designated as treason and separatism, of course violating the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

The takeover of the Free West Papua activist headquarters had to be carried out by the Indonesian Police because the headquarters was allegedly a place of activity that was contrary to the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Previously, the police had received a letter indicating the destructive activities of Indonesia’s existence. Takeover indeed begins with a search and seizure of the KNPB attributes. Now, The Indonesian Police change the Free West Papua Activist Headquarters to become their basecamp.

For 57 years, Indonesian Government let the KNPB to do their activities. But now the government took the decision to taking over the headquarter. What is the real reason?

On October 30, KNPB issued a call to mobilize people for a national civil strike, which is intended to paralyze the whole economy in West Papua. KNPB wants a General mobilization towards National Civil Strike as the Papuan National Action Agenda to voice opinions. Whereas National strikes have a negative economic impact on Papuans because public activities, especially economic activities, are hampered due to the strikes. For a second request, KNPB made a request to the West Papuan for their recognition of Free Papua Armed Rebels (OPM) as the official military wing of West Papua. Which KNPB also indicated involved in the massacre of 31 people in Nduga, West Papua last December.

Since KNPB was founding in 1961, it brought “The National Committee” in its name. So it was intended they will advocate about the issue of West Papua. But in fact, they always brought beside the independent and self determination which actually led to terrorism against the people of Papua.

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