A group of people under the Indonesia Lovers Community Alliance (Aliansi Masyarakat Pecinta NKRI or AMPI) took the matter into hands upon the publicity of writings that support separatism by a Facebook account frontmudarevolusioner. The alliance held a protest in front of the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Dormitory located at Jalan Kalasan 10, Surabaya on January 8, 2019. This dormitory is known to house Free Papua Activists.

The Indonesia Lovers Community Alliance voiced out their rejection over the publicity of provocative books that support separatism. One of the alliance member, Susi, stated that the Free Papua activists inside the dormitory has been spreading books and tabloids about separatism through online communities and also in the colleges of Surabaya since August 2018.

The separatist movement supported by the Papuan students living in the dormitory had put Indonesia’s sovereignty in danger. The Facebook community of frontmudarevolusioner through their page Media Pers Revolusioner has come to the front and voice out their dissatisfaction over the protest held by the people of Surabaya. They even chose to word their writing by reversing facts and real events in the field.

The people of Surabaya and the Indonesian activists found the Papua Students Alliance (Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua or AMP) was not fair with their demand of independence. For the nationalists, Indonesia has given Papua the chance to enjoy equality, provided them with special scholarships only for students of Papua, put effort in development of infrastructure and other facilities in Papua. However, the Free Papua activists only want independence given by the Dutch and instead called Indonesia colonized them.

For the people of Indonesia, every problems happened between the people of Papua and foreign companies exploiting Papua’s natural resources can be criticized. However, this problem cannot validate the demand of independence. Why? Well, because Indonesia has granted Papua and West Papua the Special Autonomy. The Special Autonomy regulation is clear in stating that the special autonomy provinces should be ruled by the native of Papua only.

The students inside the dormitory refused to meet with the representative of the Indonesian Lovers Community Alliance and rejected open dialogue. As opposed, they drown the protest by turning music as loudly as they could. The collective mass outside the dorm got provoked. To avoid anymore riot and mass amok, the Indonesian Police led by the Head of Tambaksari Sector Police prevented the Indonesian activists from entering the dorm. The dormitory is now under the police guard to keep the safety of the students.

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