Home Info TNI-Polri Deploy 10 Trucks for Evacuation of Masses Who Afraid to Return

TNI-Polri Deploy 10 Trucks for Evacuation of Masses Who Afraid to Return

TNI-Polri Kerahkan 10 Truk untuk Evakuasi Massa yang Takut Pulang


The TNI and Polri work together to secure the masses who are carrying out demonstrations in the Papua region by deploying 10 trucks to evacuate and deliver demonstrators who occupy the Papua Governor’s office on Thursday, August 29.

Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih CPL Lieutenant Colonel Eko Daryanto said there were as many as 1,000 people who claimed to be afraid of going home because of the clashes between demonstrators and residents who were members of the Nusantara Circle of Friends who refused the demonstration. The mass was also delivered to their respective areas, Sentani and Waena.

At present, the TNI and Polri will continue to increase security of vital objects and assist the Papua Regional Police in securing demonstrations.

They rallied in the governor’s office to opposite the acts of rasialist against Papuan students taking place in Malang and Surabaya. The gripping demonstration was marked by acts of destroying security forces’ cars, stoning, destruction of public facilities to the burning of the office of the Papuan People’s Assembly. As a result, shopping centers and offices are still closed. School activities are closed until conditions are conducive.





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